Her Who….

Lucretia D. Coleman, aka “Livacious Lu” is a lifestyle enthusiast known for use of her audaciously artsy and captivating personality. She effectively enriches the lives of many through her work as a vibrant Visual ARTIST, a dynamic SPEAKER and wellness COACH, and a brilliant AUTHOR — full of wit and infinite wisdom.

Her Why….

Once upon a time long ago, Lucretia repainted the background of her life’s canvas from “the big city” to “small town suburbia” USA, where she established a successful career with one of the world’s most prominent Fortune 100 companies. Throughout her corporate career, she was in receipt of constant recognition for her natural ability to assess and address the needs of the company’s constituents, as well as, her “spirit of development” in assisting members of the organization’s leadership team, among others, in their personal and professional growth. What began as mere guts, goosebumps, and instincts, ignited her passion for mentorship and empowerment of being “marvelously and healthily YOU” to the masses. In 2009, Lucretia magnificently modified her life’s palette to align with what she now recognizes as her profound purpose–assisting women in recognizing and revitalizing their life’s “awesome.” So, she simply retired without looking back, leaving behind her corporate existence and creating a life of more color and vigor. The establishment of JameriArtistry® — custom paintings and artwork, YourHealthyVibe® — lifestyle vibrancy coaching, and her newest addition to her signature artiste style, YOUR VIBRANT MESS℠ — an invigorating self-enhancement read are now vibrant hues of her life palette.

Her How….

She serves as the CEO and Founder of JAMERI ENTERPRISES LLC — a corporation committed to guiding women through life’s colorful experiences, while assisting in their individual growth, enhancement, and integrative elevation. Through an array of energetically engaging programs and fabulously robust resources, Lucretia caters to a multitude of personalities, effectively cultivating change and transformative enlightenment.

Her What Else….

Beyond her many degrees of being fabulously DYNAMIC, Lucretia holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Gwynedd Mercy College. In addition, she is a member of the board at YWCA Tri-County Area and an active member of the National Association of Professional Women, TriCounty Community Network, and the Montgomery Guild of Professional Artists, North Penn Art Alliance and ArtFusion19464. She is also certified as an Integrative Wellness Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where she’s trained in more than one hundred lifestyle theories and coaching methods. Lucretia has also been recognized as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership by The International Women’s Leadership Association.